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Partner with us and refer us to your home movers or international students who require shorter term accommodation than usual

  • Partner with us, if you are managing a property on behalf of your landlord you still maintain your management agreement, we take on the minor maintenance and cleaning on a company let agreement

  • We offer guaranteed rent for the term of the agreement

  • We pay a one of £250 admin fee for any successful referral



What would we be responsible for?

You still own the management agreement with your landlord

Do you intend to sublet the property?

No, subletting is illegal, our guests do not have a tenancy agreement so the usual challenges of evicting a guest do not apply as they can be asked to leave immediately

How does it work in practice?

You still take your management fee from the the landlord, but there is little work for you to do as we take care of minor maintenance and regular cleaning

Can we inspect the property?

Yes you can inspect the property provided a suitable time is agreed with any guest

Who will be staying at the property?

We specialise in finding properties for people moving between homes such as:

  • Business travelers working away from home

  • Consultants and professionals relocating for work

  • Home movers

  • International students looking for a longer term accommodation

  • Health care professionals

  • Contractors

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