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Get In Touch With Us To See How We Can Solve Your Short Term Accommodation Needs, We Offer A Range Of Options Such As;

Partner with us and remove the hassle of being a Landlord, benefits of partnering with us

  • Long term secured rent on a management agreement

  • No lost rent due to voids

  • Regular cleaning and inspection, home kept in pristine condition with minor maintenance covered by us

  • No tenants to deal with (our clients are not on an AST)



How are you able to guarantee rent?

We have a strong network and partner corporate OTAs and with estate agents who refer people looking for short term or corporate accommodation to us

Do you intend to sublet the property?

No subletting is illegal, our guests do not have a tenancy agreement so the usual challenges of evicting a guest do not apply they can be asked to leave immediately

Do you offer any terms shorter than 3 years

We can agree shorter periods based on your circumstances

Who will be staying at the property?

We specialise in finding properties for corporate travelers, people between homes such as house movers, international students looking for a longer term accommodation or relocating business travelers

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